Let’s say it’s January and besides white sales and your resolution to get your life organized, it’s officially the unofficial “clean up your computer month”.

That means backing up your hard drive, organizing folders, email and such. All good tasks that should definitely be performed more than once a year, but if you haven’t, this is the month to get it done.
If you want to increase your business sales this year, this is a great time to start an online marketing calendar to help organize and plan your promotions for the year.
I have a wall calendar with 3 months of promotions to help grow my business. It’s not as hard as you think and will save a lot of time in trying to figure out how to increase your business sales. I’ve put it together for you in 5 easy steps.

Step 1. Start with your objectives.
How much do you want your business to grow each month? You can measure in terms of the number of clients or the dollar amount you’d like to increase each month. Set these goals first, then work on the steps that will get you there.

Online Marketing PlanStep 2. What are you doing now to get more clients?
Create a chart and list the strategies that you use to get more clients. Cold calling, email marketing, referrals, or networking are some strategies, for example, that you might use to get clients. If you offer different services in your business, perform this task for each service.

Step 3. How much business do you get as a result of each strategy?
For instance, if you frequent networking events, determine, on average, how many new referrals come from this strategy and how many of these referrals actually turned into sales?  This test is a great way to determine which of your marketing strategies are really working and which are simply a waste of time or need to be refined to get better results.

Step 4. Improve Your Outcome
After examining the strategies used to get more clients vs the amount of sales derived from those strategies, you can get a good idea of which are the best performers. Now is the time to refine those strategies. Decide whether you need to tweak the low performers or remove them from your list altogether. This is also a good time to examine new strategies and implement them into your plan.

Grow Your Business with an Online Marketing CalendarStep 5. Now create your Online Marketing Calendar & Increase Your Business Sales
Based on your findings, fill in the calendar with things to do each day, week, or month to increase your business sales. The goal is to match your objectives listed in step 1. Then Do it.

Include in your online marketing calendar, holiday promotions, check out this website for a list of other events you can use in your online marketing calendar each month. Chases Book of Calendars is also an excellent choice to find cool marketing ideas. A bit pricey, but a great find if you want your own copy, otherwise your local library may have an issue in the reference section.  Follow these steps. Be pro-active this year and actually increase your business sales.

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“5 Steps to Building a Profitable Online Marketing Calendar”

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