IYBS_CPDash_client-management-portalIYBS CPDash

Delegate. Collaborate. Organize.
All From One Place.


Built-in Automations and Integrations

No need to combine different product solutions together.


Boost Productivity

You can handle the needs of your internal team and your customers all in one place.


Secure Client Management Portal

Securely share files and other data with your customers.


Project & Task Management

Create recurring tasks, subtasks, and more.  Stay organized, delegate and collaborate with your team and freelancers.

Ready to stop mashing it all together to get what you need?

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Why Use IYBS CPDash? 

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration of the most important tools you use to efficiently run your business.

Email and Messaging Feature

Build automated drip campaigns, collect leads, send secure messages to a single client or internal staff member.

Deal Stages Pipeline

Allows you to track key metrics during a sales process through each stage of a customers journey.

Chat Features

Use the real time chats, 1 on 1 group chats with browser notification to communicate  with your team.

Powerful File Sharing Features

Use our highly organized file structure that allows file sharing, file requests, and versioning.

Billing & Invoicing

Build out estimates and invoices, recurring invoices, proposals, and internal time tracking for tasks and projects.

Ready to stop mashing it all together to get what you need?

Get Started with IYBS CPDash

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Streamline your business, collaborate with your team, and automate your processes.

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