How to Market Your Online Reputation

Use Your Online Reputation to Grow Your Business 

It’s important to use everything that is available to you to promote your business. People are always looking for more social proof to justify their purchase or as the final step before they decide. Taking the time to spread the word through reviews can make that process easier for someone looking to buy from you.

Now that you’ve built your online reputation and are managing it quite well, it’s time to put all of your hard work to grow your business.
These pages are a work in progress. As we find more material to help you market your business, the page will be updated.

How To Market Your Online Reputation

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The 7 Fundamentals of Reputation Marketing

The Voice of the Customer is a powerful tool for any brand, so make sure that you use it to your advantage. If happy customers are raving about your product or the in-house experience, be sure to share their reviews on social media.
If you have a website or newsletter, carve out some digital real estate to tell more people about the experience of those who love your brand.

Grow your business with message marketing

Improved Listings

Updated listings help your customers and potential customers find you.

Google allows you to add posts, products, and services on your business profile. Fully complete as much information as possible on the listings that you submit your business to.

Put Your Customer Reviews on Video

When you think of companies like Virgin and Apple which people come to mind? You immediately think of Richard Branson and the late Steve Jobs. Their images and personality are instantly linked to their companies and you could do the same with your company.

People like to know who they are doing business with so why not add photographs and videos of you, your business and your employees. Give your company a face your clients can relate to and get to know. It has far more impact on the relationship that you have with your customers than an anonymous website. If you tag your pictures with keywords and your company name they will even have an effect on your search engine ranking.

Using your customer reviews using video is an excellent way to promote your business. If you can get your best customers to write or create a video testimonial, have them mention the service they received and comment on their experience. Believe it or not, these videos can actually show up on Google search results.

Customer Review Videos

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