Learn the Advantages of Google Ad Retargeting/Remarketing to Your Visitors

There are many different advantages of having a remarketing strategy in place.  But the biggest reward is being able to convert that visitor to a paying client, and having the ability to offer visitors that have purchased from your site an incentive to return by showing different ads.

But how do you do this? If you are already advertising on Google AdWords, then you are already on your way to setting up remarketing campaigns for visitors who leave without purchasing. You can target and even super-target your visitors by showing different sets of ads, and even ads to those who have already purchased something.

And it might not be a surprise that these ads are clicked on 2-3 times more than your standard ad because they are being shown to the visitor who was specifically looking for either a product or service.

So when the visitor sees this ad, it’s already something they were interested in. Repeat visitors have a dramatically higher CTR or click-through-rate than new visitors. The result is far better conversion rates, and repeat customers.

The benefits to remarketing far outweigh not having a strategy in place to retarget visitors who would otherwise be lost, and even worse, end up at your competitor’s website making a purchase.

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Annette Washington-Goff