5 Important Facts about Digital Marketing

1. The average person now spends more time browsing online than watching TV or reading newspapers.

That’s a very important stat. Are you investing enough in your online presence?

2. By 2019, advertising on mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, etc. will represent a massive 72% of all US Digital ad spending.

What does this mean for your business? You have to ensure that your business is available on all mobile devices.

3. 30% of business owners have no idea which of their Digital Marketing techniques are working and which are not.

That should be a worry if you are one of the 30%! And why is this…?

4. A third of small businesses do not bother using any form of analytics to track and measure their digital performance!

As a business owner, your return-on-investment should be clear to you. If it’s not then how can you allocate appropriate resources

and how are you presently measuring success?

5. Remarketing works! According to current stats, the probability that a customer who has visited your website will buy

from you increases by up to 70% if they are retargeted (Hubspot).

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