Are you struggling to get leads for your service business?

Are you constantly placing ads online and flyers all over town looking for more business?
As small business owners, we realize how difficult it can be to stay in business. We can help! We’ve got the perfect program for you!
Our REALLeads Service can result in more qualified leads.
What better way to grow your business than with new, qualified leads? We are a Local Business Marketing Agency that can help you get the job done!

Our REALLeads Traffic Generation Services Include:

1. TenX-Flex

We have a proprietary traffic generation marketing service that puts your business in front of specific customers who would be most likely to use your services or purchase your product. Our system will get you more of the right views from the right type of clients or customers. See How It Works.

2. Call Tracking Service

If you choose the monthly version, you will get unlimited leads and you simply pay a flat monthly fee.

When a new lead calls, you will get an announcement that “This is a New Lead provided by IYBS Local” ( the caller will not hear this).

You can also get a report on how many leads you have received for any period of time so that you can easily track your incoming Lead calls and record them as well.

3. Retargeting/Remarketing

By now, you know the power of Google AdWords and Facebook marketing, right?  Implementing a solid retargeting campaign gets Real Leads for your business.  Call on IYBS Local to get started with a solid, effective remarketing service that keeps your business in front of leads and customers.

4. Reporting

You’ll get full reporting with any of our REALLeads Traffic Generation services.  Know what works with “in your face” numbers so that you can make the best decisions in your digital marketing campaigns..

Try our REALLeads Traffic Generation Service today!