Did you know that 80 percent of all customers change their mind before making a purchase because of a bad review? 

Bad reviews can create a poor reputation and a loss of revenue. With a world as connected as ours, it makes it imperative to respond to these reviews carefully and thoughtfully.

Most importantly, never reply with a hot head. If a negative review makes you angry or upset, take a few moments to step back and cool down.

Your first job is to identify authentic negative reviews. If the review is obviously posted by someone “trolling,” the best move is to ignore it. How can you tell? If it’s excessively inflammatory, profanity-laden or unintelligible, it is probably not a true complaint.

For those customers who have truly had a bad experience, you should first acknowledge and apologize. Then, examine the situation to see if there is a way to put a positive spin on the company, whether it’s by making it right or by promising better in the future.

Finally, be sure to thank the reviewer, even if it’s negative, and then be sure to follow through on your promise. You definitely do not want them to come back with a second bad review.

How do you handle bad reviews? Let us a know by leaving a comment below!