The Truth About Alignable


This social channel  has well over 1 million users.  I’d describe Alignable as “Connection Marketing”, utilizing connections to local small businesses in your area to help build your business, get and share advice, and see what other businesses are doing in your area.  Is Alignable for you?

Should I be using this in my business?

Well, It depends…

If local business owners are a part of your target audience, Alignable may be what you need to get in front of them.

I’ve heard many pros and cons about Alignable, but most of the cons are about the email messages they send once you become part of  the network. This practice is actually nothing new in the social media channel world.

Think about Facebook, for instance.  Do you really think those friend requests actually came from those friends?
Some do, but I’ve heard that Facebook automatically sends friend request (but does not automatically accept them). Instagram sends you email asking you to follow strangers and people you may know as well.

Well this social channel does something similar.  Their idea is to help you build your network.  So when you join, expect that you will have email messages introducing business owners in your neighborhood.  (Sort of like what Mister Rogers did- introducing you to people in your neighborhood.)

Once you get accustomed the email messaging, you can start using Alignable to build your network of leads, new friends, and partnerships.

Other benefits

Other benefits include adding another online citation for your business as your Alignable listing will show up when someone Googles your business.  And as you start getting recommended, you’ll have a nice badge to add to your website-which shows trust, credibility,  and authority.

There are success stories.  You can read some of those right on the website.  Here’s a video of a couple who have had success using this social channel:

And if you read the review from Annie Smith, I think you’ll that maybe it’s time to take another look at Alignabe to see if it is a fit for your business.

Visit this link to see how to successfully use Alignable for your business.