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SEO can be complicated and most people don’t have the knowledge or the time to do it on their own.

But if you are so inclined and want to try your hand at it, check out these tips and tricks to help you get off to a great start.

SEO-The Pathway to the Top

SEO Resources

Here, you’ll find the accompanying resources to the “SEO” presentation. Use these resources to improve the SEO on your own website.  O

This site will be updated regularly with more useful information to help you stay successful in business.

What The Experts Say


Here, you’ll find the 17 most important SEO tips that you need to know… and these tips actually work.

Neil Patel

Here are some important SEO tips to keep in mind when preparing your strategy in 2022.


SEO expert Cyrus Shepard shares his top 22 tips for successful Google SEO in 2022. Watch to find out what to prioritize and what to look out for in the year ahead!

In Our Toolbox


Curated collection of email examples.  Get great design and code ideas to make your email work wonders for your business! (Free)


Google Analytics

This free tool gives you more information than you may ever need. But you can use it to track what’s happening on your website.

The Business Suite

The Business Suite provides a one-click solution that can help solve many of your online marketing issues, and provide instant proof-of-performance with a monthly executive report. Get access to products, recommendations, learning tools, proof of performance reporting, digital marketing tools, communication tools, and more.

More SEO Resources

SEO Tips and Tricks

Optimize Your Videos for SEO

Optimize your videos to help them show up on page 1 Google Search Results

Optimize Images

Optimize the images on your website to help get more “Google Juice”

SEO Training Videos


SEO Best Practices

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Intro to SEO

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Upcoming Workshops

Google Workshops

Drive Traffic to Your Website with SEO

The Business Suite Workshops

Learn the benefits of the Business Suite. Each week, we’ll go over specific services that are offered in the Business Suite.

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